June 2015 Update #2

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The Digital Trust Foundation board of directors has now made grants in four program areas: (1) Privacy Education for Youth; (2) Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security; (3) Assessing, Preventing, and Addressing Digital Abuse; (4) General Funding for Promotion of Online Privacy, Safety, and Security.

As of today, we have announced the grantees in three of the four program areas. Check out our latest announcement and read the project descriptions from these grantees.

We will be sending out our grant decisions for the Digital Abuse program area this week. In July 2015, we will announce the grantees of the Digital Abuse program area on our website.

The board has decided to eliminate our fifth program area: Innovation in Privacy Enhancing Technologies. After significant research and reflection, the board decided that increasing our investments in existing program areas will have a greater impact than investing a relatively small amount in technology development. We came to this realization after reviewing the compelling proposals that we received in response to our Understanding Socioeconomic Status and our Digital Abuse RFPs. We decided to increase our investments in these program areas.

As a result of this decision, the Digital Trust Foundation has completed its grant-making. We will now move into our grant-monitoring phase, which will last approximately three years. At the end of that phase, we will begin the process of closing the Foundation. We are no longer soliciting or entertaining requests for funding.

The directors of the Digital Trust Foundation are Erin Egan, Chris Hoofnagle, and Larry Magid.