About the Foundation


The foundation’s purpose is to fund and sponsor programs designed to educate users, regulators and enterprises regarding critical issues relating to protection of identity and personal information online through user control, and the protection of users from online threats.


In 2007, a class action lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District of California against Facebook on behalf of 3.6 million users of Facebook concerning its “Beacon” program. KamberLaw represented the plaintiffs in this action and Cooley LLP represented Facebook. This suit was settled in 2009 and was granted final approval by the Hon. Richard Seeborg in March 2010. As part of the settlement, the parties created the Foundation (the Digital Trust Foundation) “the purpose of which shall be to fund projects and initiatives that promote the cause of online privacy, safety, and security.” The case settled for $9.5 million, with the Foundation receiving approximately $6.7 million after attorney’s fees, payments to plaintiffs, and administrative costs. There were four objectors to the settlement, two of whom appealed the approval to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and subsequently the Supreme Court. But ultimately, in November 2013, the appeals were rejected and the Foundation was funded. The Foundation will distribute more than $6 million and will close its doors once all of the grants have been distributed and completed.

Board of Directors

Chris Jay Hoofnagle, President
Erin Egan, Secretary
Larry Magid, Treasurer


Drew Kloss, Grants Manager
Samantha Graff, Strategic Advisor
Shona Armstrong, Consulting Attorney

Legal Advisory Board

Michael Rhodes
Scott A. Kamber


The Digital Trust Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation incorporated in California. The foundation is overseen by a three-person board, the members of which were defined in the lawsuit settlement agreement. As stewards of the settlement fund, the directors are committed to transparent operations and grant-making.

Governance Documents

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws
Conflict of Interest Policy