RFP Archive

This page provides an overview of the Foundation’s grantmaking, as well as links to its RFPs for future reference. The Foundation has closed and is no longer making grants.

Privacy Education for Youth

The Beacon settlement agreement directed the Digital Trust Foundation to invest in educating Internet users on how to protect themselves and their information from online threats. The Foundation invested in more than $1.2 million in grants for privacy education projects focused on young people residing in the United States.

The Foundation invited proposals for one of three strategies:

  1. Implementation and assessment of privacy education programs for youth
  2. Development and implementation of privacy education media campaigns for youth
  3. Development of a privacy messaging best practices white paper

Request for Proposals

Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security

At the time of its grant-making, the Digital Trust Foundation found that research and analysis of the online privacy experiences of low-SES populations were underrepresented in the public discourse, media coverage, and academic literature. To address this gap, the Foundation funded (1) research into the privacy and security experience of low-SES people and (2) an investigative journalism fellowship focused on the privacy and security experience of low-SES people. Grants in this area totaled more than $1.8 million.

Request for Proposals

Assessing, Preventing, and Addressing Digital Abuse

At the time of its grant-making, the Foundation found several gaps in digital abuse research and action. To address these gaps, the Foundation funded (1) empirical research to understand the prevalence of various forms of digital abuse; (2) implementation and evaluation of digital abuse prevention strategies; and (3) organizations that provide direct services to victims and projects that contribute to the digital abuse policy debate. Grants in this area totaled approximately $1.6 million.

Request for Proposals

General Funding for Promotion of Online Privacy, Safety, and Security

The Digital Trust Foundation was created with the purpose of “fund[ing] projects and initiatives that promote the cause of online privacy, safety, and security.” The Foundation invested $1.4 million to sustain or scale effective programs that align with the guidelines of the settlement agreement.

Request for Proposals